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Within these bundles are two items from Organic Beauty's Ultimate Detangling Set, designed to offer more at discounted rates when purchasing more than one item from the set.

These combos are the perfect solution for achieving FAST hair detangling and styling without breakage or pain. They are a dream come true for people with curly hair, and will transform dry bonnet hair to moisturized bouncy curls in just minutes.

Your Bundle Options:

1.) Continuous Mist Spray Bottle & Leave-In Detangling Lotion

What’s in it?

  • A Professional Hair Stylist Spray Bottle that blasts 360 degree moisture in seconds.
  • A 100% Vegan Leave-in detangling and conditioning lotion with rich  ingredients to nourish & strengthen strands.  
  • A Wide-tooth styling comb & pretty hair ties to split hair into sections. 

2.) Continuous Mist Spray Bottle & Detangling Brush

What’s in the Bundle?

  • A Professional Hair Stylist Spray Bottle that blasts 360 degree moisture in seconds. 
  • An Organic Beauty Detangling Brush that is designed to easily glide through all kinds of tangled hair and hair textures without causing breakage
  • A Wide-tooth styling comb & pretty hair ties to split hair into sections. 

3.) Leave-in Detangling Lotion & Detangling Brush

What’s in the Bundle?

This bundle comes with the Marshmallow Root & Slippery Elm Leave-in Detangling Lotion and a Flexible Bristle Detangling Brush, an unbeatable knot-melting combination that works for ALL hair types.


Product Information:

Detangling Brush

This brush is the key to detangling curly hair quickly without breakage. It has 8 flexible moving arms that bend and flex to glide through hair and ease out knots without pulling hair out or damaging cuticles. 

The sturdy rubber handle is also ergonomical, allowing a firm grip and easy control of the brush without strain. It works on dry or wet hair, however, for curlier and coilier hair types, detangling slightly wet and moisturized hair is recommended.

Hair-Stylist Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

This gorgeous gold-toned spray bottle uses a patented pressure-spray technology. It continues to spray for 3 seconds after the trigger is released and multiple pushes cause a longer continuous spray. This is perfect for professional hair stylists as it provides a full blast of even moisture which speeds up styling and saves energy. For people with voluminous natural hair and all kinds of hair textures, this spray bottle feels like a miracle. It cuts down detangling time drastically and makes hair styling something to look forward to.

Nozzle Diameter: 0.3mm

Color: Gold

Capacity: 300 mL

Leave-In Detangling Lotion

Organic Beauty's Marshmallow Root & Slippery Elm Leave-In Detangling Lotion is a lightweight, 100% vegan detangling lotion with EXTRA slip to detangle knots quickly, tame frizz and leave hair feeling soft and moisturized. It is handmade with 100% natural ingredients, specially chosen by a group of female Chemical Engineers who also have curly natural hair.


  • Marshmallow Root - Softens hair strands & restores natural shine.
  • Slippery Elm - Provides unbelievable slip and smooths out knots.
  • Aloe Vera - Adds moisture and repairs dead skin cells on scalp.
  • Raw Shea butter -  Coats hair strands, providing protection from damages done by treatment.
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil - Treats split ends, restores dull hair and controls frizz.
  • Jamaican Black Castor oil - Rejuvenates hair elasticity and prevents breakage.
  • Peppermint oil  - Promotes circulation which stimulates hair growth.
  • Coconut oil - Prevent dryness and breakage.
  • Vitamin E - Prevents Hair loss and supports healthy scalp.

This lotion/conditioner is perfect for all hair types including; curly, straight, natural, chemically relaxed, heat-treated and/or severely damaged hair. It allows hair to be detangled fast without damage, while strengthening and nourishing hair strands.

No Animal Testing, Phthalates or Paraben. Organic Product, 100% Vegan.

Liquid Volume:  10Oz / 280g


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