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Bessobela, Ethiopia's Sacred Basil

Harvested in the wild for centuries, hand picked and then sun dried, Bessobela is a rare heirloom of Basil that is considered sacred in Ethiopia. Its distinct fruity, tea-like taste adds dimension and a unique flavor to many spice blends and dishes. Bessobela is used to season Shiro and meat sauces and is a vital part of the Berbere blend. 

Product: Dried Herb 

Origin: Ethiopia

Suggested Uses: Shiro, Tea, Stews, Sauces, Sprinkle on top of pasta 

Ingredients: Bessobela (Dried Sacred Basil)

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Fragrant happiness!

Although I have loved Ethiopian cuisine since the *cough* 1990's, I am a newcomer to actually trying my hand at this wonderful cuisine, redolent of exotic spices and flavours. Thanks to the pandemic I have been upping my kitchen game and finally found the courage to attempt a few of my favourite Ethiopian recipes. Yes; Kitfo.
Long story short, I tracked down the necessary spices to make my own Niter Kibeh (the wonderful spiced butter present in much of the region's cuisine thanks to
I was worried that shipping to Canada might be an issue but no, unlike some of the other online spice stores Elliewan shipped my order in record time and without a hint of a fuss.
I even received my spices a few days before they were scheduled to arrive so that was an added bonus to ordering at Elliewan.
Special thanks to Ijeoma for expediting my shipment so efficiently.
Oh, and btw - all the spices I ordered were wonderfully fragrant and I can happily report that my very first attempt at Ethiopian cookery was a resounding success!