• 45" Long
  • Sold in singles
  • Made with non-elastic cotton thread
  • Multiple use: Neck, Wrist, Waist & Ankle
  • Can not be taken off unless cut or broken
  • Made in Kenya

Traditionally, beads have been used among African people and has various meanings within the context of spirituality, social class, community rituals (rites of passage), sexuality and more. Waist beads in particular have been an excellent accessory for women to feel more feminine and beautiful, but also a symbol reinforcing their grounding and belonging within a particular social framework. This beautiful arrangement of beads are usually hand made and customized. The use of beads in African society is age-old, dating to around 10,000 B.C.

Take measurement on bare skin. Waist beads sit on the lower waist (or high hip) and are supported by the elevation of the hips. Place a measuring tape loosely around the lower waist, to ensure the beads can be worn with ease at all times. If you already have a precise measurement for your lower waist, add 1" to the measurement for breathing room.


Color Chart

Pink: is associated with unconditional love, romance, purity, femininity, healing. It impresses the wearer to be calm, sensitive, friendly, lovable. Pink can be used to empress and awaken compassion, love, purity and ease feelings of anger and neglect.

Red: is associated with self confidence, vitality, sexual energy, passion, courage, strength, power. It impresses the wearer to be courageous, spontaneous, strong willed, confident, energetic. Red can be used to promote courage, fun and laughter, strength and willpower, and energize a tired body.

Orange: is associated with happiness, confidence, resourcefulness, adventure. It impresses the wearer to be enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, confident, constructive, adventurous. She is thought to be productive, bring luck and expand one's awareness of self worth. Warmish soothes the nerves and promotes positive energy and happiness.

Yellow: is associated with wisdom, self-esteem, and clarity. It impresses fun, easy-going, optimistic, confident, practical, intelligent. Yellow is known to give clarity of thought, increase awareness and stimulate interest and curiousity. Yellow energy is related to the ability to perceive and understand.

Green: is associated with balance, love, nature, prosperity, success, self-control, growth. It impresses the wearer to be understanding, controlled, adaptable sympathetic, compassionate, generous, humble, nature loving, and romantic. Green is balancing, relaxing and promotes peace and harmony.

Blue: is associated with knowledge, healing, protection, peace, truth, and harmony. It impresses to be loyal, intelligent, affectionate, inspiring, inventive, caring and understanding. Blue enhances wisdom and creativity in communication.

Violet: is associated with beauty, power, creativity, inspiration and royalty, It impresses to be inspirational, leaders, self sacrificing, kind, visionary, creative and mentally strong. While it helps sense of direction and purge unwanted emotions, it enhances inner peace while addressing stress.

Gray and Silver: are associated with neutralizing, intuition, wisdom, communication, and technology. It impresses sophistication and formality. Gray and silver can be used to amplify other colors.

Black: is associated with control, ambition, formal, absorbent, It impresses the wearer to be ambitious, formal, mysterious. Black can also be used to amplify and balance other colors. Black is best when combined with white or other colors to create balance.

Brown: can be used to enhance concentration and ability to study clearly.

Gold: is associated with luck, justice, money, power, protection. It impresses wearer to be strong, powerful and elegant. Gold is used to revitalize, energy, and purify any situation.

White: purity, harmony, spirit, sincerity, oneness, ritual, moon, clarity, new beginnings, simplicity, peace, innocence, virginity, youth, birth, unity, protection, cold, freshness, cleanliness, sterile, reverence, divinity, cleansing, invocation, enlightenment, truth, serenity, ascension, precision.

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