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About Us

The Brand ELLIEWAN was founded in 2015. It is the early manifestation of its founders dream of shaking up the mainstream fashion and apparel industry. ELLIEWAN, named after its founders grandparents; Elizabeth Ogonnaya Obeleagu and Anthony Nwankwo Obeleagu, is about more than fashion. Our brand is about family, legacy, culture and evolution. We represent the emergence of an international brand in tune with African culture, we also represent the future and narrative of emerging African movements towards national development.

The brand is carried by its CEO and Creative Director; Annabelle Ijeoma O. Ejem, and her indispensable team of expertly trained professionals. Glimpses of mastery in design, tailoring and printing techniques are some of the reasons why Ijeoma is set to catapult the brand to international prominence. One of the leading qualities seen in our work and content is a strict adherence to a strong value system and overall vision for the future, as passed down from generations of Ndi Okenye mara ihe (Wise Elders).

In upholding this system and by leveraging our expertise in the technical and operational aspects of apparel production and supply across various sectors and industries, our brand has been and continues to be successful in both the national and international marketplace.

Our primary objective is to be the go to destination for unique prints and innovative designs offered through a vast range of products carried on our platform (with a focus on African aesthetics), while securing our standing as a major procurer and supplier of lifestyle goods. By continuously growing our connections and partnerships in the retail industry, we aim to be a one-stop business for our clients as it concerns apparel, for any range of use, and related products.

Our Vision:

  • To become the number one online destination for printed, youthful & alluring designs.

  • To build and grow our reputation as a one-stop business for our customers and clients.

  • To gradually expand our services through our partnerships and subsidiary companies.

  • To make African products and services easily available and acquired by our customers and clients worldwide.

  • To build a rapport for delivering convenient and quality service, by exceeding the expectations of our clients.



    Annabelle Ijeoma O. Ejem

    Annabelle Ijeoma was born and raised in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria; but has her roots in her hometown, Anambra State.

    She has always had a creative spirit; something evident in most of her family members; Her father being an advertising practitioner and her mother, a hair and beauty specialist. However, when growing up in Nigeria, having an affinity for something and pursuing it as a career is not always as straightforward as it can be.

    Set on a career in business, Ijeoma made the acute turn towards Fashion and Textile design when her love for art & design surpassed all other desires in her later years of Secondary education.

    She went against the grain and moved to the United Kingdom to begin her tertiary education, and in 2016 she acquired a BA in Fashion & Textile Design from the University of Southampton, where she qualified and was accepted into the universities exchange program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

    In a bid to boost her skill set, she moved to San Francisco to further her education by pursuing a Masters in Costume design at the acclaimed Academy of Art University, California.

    Ijeoma has always been passionate about the history and plight of the African people, and she made it her duty to tell their stories and incorporate Africa’s uniqueness in all her creative work.

    Her mission in life is to create an awareness and respect for her people and the richness of culture in Africa. She is involved in many facets of activism and mainly advocates for Africa’s economic self-sufficiency, education reform and the decolonization of Africa.